nature ENERGY - Blueberry

This is the 3rd member of the nature energy drinks family. We checked the Citrus and the Red Berry Acai so here's the Blueberry. The 4th in the family is a high caffeine content cola but it doesn't contains taurine so because it's not an energy drink we won't review it, but you can check it on our Facebook page :)

After tearing it up a significant blueberry scent appears in the air and in the taste too when you  drink it. In the liquid we can feel a strong white-grape too. It contains elder berry too. The after-taste is a little sour but it doesn't annoying. Its caffeine is from guarana-extract - its the natural source of caffeine. The taste doesn't has strange (and dry?) artifical sweetener flavor. The liquid color is not the standard tuttifrutti yellow.. its bright red.

Oh and the container is not Aluminum (Al).. its the more heavy Iron (Fe)

It's not easy to get so we recommend it for collectors.

nature Energy - Red Berry

The second nature Energy in the row is the Red Berry. IWe think that the citrus is more delicious but it is tasty too. The color of the liquid is bright red. Caffeine content is the regular 32mg/100ml. Not sour/acidy and doesn't have strange after-taste. IMHO the red berry ingredient has to be a little smoother - too strong to my mouth. The sweetener is natural - it is from açaí berry. If you want to check what is açaí here is the wikipedia.

It's recommended, not just for the collectors.

nature Energy - citrus

After opening it a strong citric smell covers the air and it is last for long. Caffeine content is 32mg/100ml. The flavor is the well known sweet lemon with the proper amount of carbon-dioxide. It is a well made mixture wwithout any wrong after-taste. The color is a half opaque yellow. The best when cooled.

It has the imaginary recommended badge but in our country we can't buy it.


New Gangster - Regular

Thanks for the team Gangster to send us the cans like they do before with the previous Gangster Energy Drink

After we opened it a nice tutti-frutti smell appears. With the first Gangster Energy I knew from the opening that this will be my favourite. This time the feeling is the same so a new white can is the 'icing on the cake'. The design is newer but the volume of the liquid is the half of the previous one. The drink is in the well known, high quality. In fact I think it is more delicious now.It is smooth it is mild. A little sourish taste but it is needed to harmonize with it's sweetness. No bad after-taste appears.

The caffeine content is 32mg/100ml and contains the following vitamines: B3-8mg, B5-2mg, B6-2mg, B12-2microg

One of my big-favourite from the foreign drinks but sadly we can't buy in our country. Yet?


KOKS - Pure White Energy

We get the KOKS energy drink from Germany. It has nice 'lemony' smell. The taste of the drink is like a breeding in lemon and glucose/fructose. Its caffeine content is 32mg/100ml, and its color is pure white. Its not the avarage clear color but something opaque like milk. It has a powerful sweet taste but it is allright and doesn't has bad after-taste.
It was strange to drink this liquid because i have never meet something like this before. Its an excellent mixture of caffeine, taurine and the natural energyzing glucose. I absolutely recommend this drink but unfortunately we couldn't buy it in our country, Hungary. :(

Thanks for sample the IQ4you.de


B63 - For Energy

After we tear up the can we note the tutti-frutti smell.
At the beginning of the first gulp you feel a sweet and smooth flavor. This smooth feeling is next to us until the end of the sip. This strange feeling is why the taste of the drink is so enjoyable. The color of the liquid doesn't really differs from the ordinary energy drinks but it doesn't need extraordinary color to be unique. The quality of this product is at the top of our cheap-but-tasty category. Sadly we couldn't buy B63s at local hungarian stores. It doesn't have bad after-taste - not sour not acerb.

BTW the 4 cans we get showed some difference in their sourness. The caffeine content is high - 32mg/100ml.

The appearance of the can is well distinguished between the avarage designs of the energy drinks. The main colors are the nicely harmonizing blue and red. The most significant part is the "B63" letters dominanting.

On the can we can read texts in arabic and english language because - as we've get informed - the "B63" is selled in the Middle-East too. Will be available soon in Europe.

Absolutely Recommended+


Gangster - Regular

Thanks for Gangster Energy for the sent cans .

These energy drinks came directly from Amsterdam. After opening the package we saw very nicely designed 500ml cans. As you can see the can isn't overdecorated. Giant shiny G letter on black matte background. We love the look of it.

The drink inside is as excellent as the outer design. After the opening you can smell an enjoyable sweet tutti-frutti scent. It's not the common hungarian taste, in the smell of it you can feel these little 'smooth' signs. The first impression while you gulping it's the significant tutti-frutti taste. After you feel a little soury taint but it's gone when you swallowed your 'bite' of the liquid. It has no bad aftertaste. It's caffeine content is 32mg/100ml

It is absolutely recommended for everyday use.