B63 - For Energy

After we tear up the can we note the tutti-frutti smell.
At the beginning of the first gulp you feel a sweet and smooth flavor. This smooth feeling is next to us until the end of the sip. This strange feeling is why the taste of the drink is so enjoyable. The color of the liquid doesn't really differs from the ordinary energy drinks but it doesn't need extraordinary color to be unique. The quality of this product is at the top of our cheap-but-tasty category. Sadly we couldn't buy B63s at local hungarian stores. It doesn't have bad after-taste - not sour not acerb.

BTW the 4 cans we get showed some difference in their sourness. The caffeine content is high - 32mg/100ml.

The appearance of the can is well distinguished between the avarage designs of the energy drinks. The main colors are the nicely harmonizing blue and red. The most significant part is the "B63" letters dominanting.

On the can we can read texts in arabic and english language because - as we've get informed - the "B63" is selled in the Middle-East too. Will be available soon in Europe.

Absolutely Recommended+

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