nature ENERGY - Blueberry

This is the 3rd member of the nature energy drinks family. We checked the Citrus and the Red Berry Acai so here's the Blueberry. The 4th in the family is a high caffeine content cola but it doesn't contains taurine so because it's not an energy drink we won't review it, but you can check it on our Facebook page :)

After tearing it up a significant blueberry scent appears in the air and in the taste too when you  drink it. In the liquid we can feel a strong white-grape too. It contains elder berry too. The after-taste is a little sour but it doesn't annoying. Its caffeine is from guarana-extract - its the natural source of caffeine. The taste doesn't has strange (and dry?) artifical sweetener flavor. The liquid color is not the standard tuttifrutti yellow.. its bright red.

Oh and the container is not Aluminum (Al).. its the more heavy Iron (Fe)

It's not easy to get so we recommend it for collectors.

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