New Gangster - Regular

Thanks for the team Gangster to send us the cans like they do before with the previous Gangster Energy Drink

After we opened it a nice tutti-frutti smell appears. With the first Gangster Energy I knew from the opening that this will be my favourite. This time the feeling is the same so a new white can is the 'icing on the cake'. The design is newer but the volume of the liquid is the half of the previous one. The drink is in the well known, high quality. In fact I think it is more delicious now.It is smooth it is mild. A little sourish taste but it is needed to harmonize with it's sweetness. No bad after-taste appears.

The caffeine content is 32mg/100ml and contains the following vitamines: B3-8mg, B5-2mg, B6-2mg, B12-2microg

One of my big-favourite from the foreign drinks but sadly we can't buy in our country. Yet?

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