Gangster - Regular

Thanks for Gangster Energy for the sent cans .

These energy drinks came directly from Amsterdam. After opening the package we saw very nicely designed 500ml cans. As you can see the can isn't overdecorated. Giant shiny G letter on black matte background. We love the look of it.

The drink inside is as excellent as the outer design. After the opening you can smell an enjoyable sweet tutti-frutti scent. It's not the common hungarian taste, in the smell of it you can feel these little 'smooth' signs. The first impression while you gulping it's the significant tutti-frutti taste. After you feel a little soury taint but it's gone when you swallowed your 'bite' of the liquid. It has no bad aftertaste. It's caffeine content is 32mg/100ml

It is absolutely recommended for everyday use.

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